Leverage a Coding Assistant API, Based on Generative AI

What is a Coding Assistant?

Coding assistants, like Microsoft Copilot for example, are AI models trained on large volums of code and documentation. These advanced AI models can write pieces of code for you, in many languages. They can also document your code automatically, write tests for you, advise you about specific design and architecture questions, debug your program... and more!

Generative AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, LLaMA 3, Yi 34B, and Mixtral 8x7B are very good at generative code, writing documentation, and explaining code.

Here is an example. At NLP Cloud we have a customer who wanted to set up a SQL coding assistant for their collaborators. Thanks to our code generation models, non-technical collaborators can now make request on the database without any specific SQL skills. Let's say somone in the marketing team asks the following: Fetch three employees from the Employee table. The AI model will return the following:

SELECT * FROM Employee ORDER BY last_name DESC LIMIT 3;

Code generation works very well in popular languages like Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS... but they are also very impressive in tons of other languages like Go, Ruby, PHP, Java, C++,...

LLaMA 3, Yi 34B, Mixtral 8x7B, and ChatDolphin are advanced alternatives to GPT-4, ChatGPT, and Codex by OpenAI, and to Copilot by Microsoft. These models are so complex that they can adapt to many situations, and boost the productivity of the development team. Non-programmers can also dramatically benefit from coding assistants. For advanced use cases, it is possible to fine-tune AI models (train them on your own code or documentation), which is a very good way to get a code generation application that is perfectly tailored to your company/product/industry.

Source code generation

How to Benefit From Code and Documentation Generation?

Programming is paramount nowadays, but few people know how to code. Besides, developers themselves are constantly looking for ways to improve their productivity. Here are a couple of examples on how coding assistants can help:

Database Querying

Most of the valuable data is located in relational databases today, but few people know how to use SQL to get the results they want. Simply ask AI the SQL query you want to perform and it will generate it for you.

Mock Up Creation

Creating a quick mock-up with HTML and CSS is now much easier thanks to code generation. Anyone from a marketing department is able to create such a mock-up thanks to AI.

Focus on Complex Logic Only

Developers often spend time writing repetitive code that does not involve too much complex logic. This part of their work can now be offloaded to AI.

Speed Up Tests Creation

Writing unit tests and integration tests is a pain, but it's critical to the quality of an application. It is now possible to let AI write the tests for you so you can focus on something more important.

NLP Cloud's Code Generation API

NLP Cloud proposes a code generation API based on advanced generative models like LLaMA 3, ChatDolphin, Yi 34B, Mixtral 8x7B, etc. They are very good alternatives to GPT-4, GPT-3.5, and ChatGPT. They give you the opportunity to create your own coding assistant out of the box. If these pre-traineds generative models are not enough, you can also fine-tune/train your own generative model on NLP Cloud and automatically deploy the new model to production with only one click.

For more details, see our documentation about code generation with generative models here. For advanced usage, see the text generation API endpoint here. And easily test code generation on our playground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your AI API generate code for any programming language? If not, which languages are supported?

The NLP Cloud code generation API can code in any programming language. If you need to code in a specific DSL, you will need to fine-tune your own model on NLP Cloud.

How does your AI API handle data privacy and security during the code generation process?

NLP Cloud is focused on data privacy by design: we do not log or store the content of the requests you make on our API. NLP Cloud is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.

Can the AI API automatically detect and correct errors in the generated code?

Yes, simply send your piece of code to the AI and ask it to correct the problem

How can I integrate your AI-based code generation API into my existing development workflow?

Developers can integrate coding assistants into existing platforms or applications by using the NLP Cloud API. This involves sending user inputs to the AI via the API, receiving the AI-generated response, and presenting it through the application's user interface.

Is there a limit to the complexity or length of code that your AI can generate?

Yes, there is a length limit that will depend on the context size of the AI model you are going to use. In terms of complexity, each model has different capabilities, so we encourage you to make some tests on all our generative models to see which one fits your use case best.

How does the AI API stay updated with the latest programming languages and frameworks?

Our AI models are updated on a regular basis in order to stay updated with the latest programming languages, frameworks, libraries...

How does the AI handle generating source code for complex, domain-specific applications?

In such a case we encourage you to fine-tune your own coding assistant on NLP Cloud on your own code base and documentation

Is NLP Cloud an alternative to Microsoft Copilot?

Yes, NLP Cloud proposes advanced AI models that are serious alternatives to Microsoft Copilot and that do not sacrifice the data privacy of your application

Can I try your coding assistant API for free?

Yes, like all the models on NLP Cloud, the coding assistant API endpoint can be tested for free