About Us


NLP Cloud was built in 2020 with a simple vision in mind: making it easy for anyone to use the best AI models in production for text understanding and text generation.

We believe that Natural Language Processing has made so much progress over these last years that it's finally possible to use it reliably to solve real business needs. However these great AI models are harder and harder to actually use and deploy into production without a team of DevOps and machine learning experts...

NLP Cloud solved this challenge by providing an easy-to-use API that trains and serves the most advanced text AI models, for instant use in production (summarization, entity extraction, paraphrasing, classification, etc.).

Quality Of Service

Quality of service is our core value.

We are obsessed with building a robust and reliable platform that our customers can trust for their day-to-day production usage.

Quality also necessarily comes with great support, which is especially true with complex technical fields like Artificial Intelligence. This is why we are doing our best to provide best in class support and professional services. We never let our customers down!

Company and Team

NLP Cloud headquarters

NLP Cloud is a dynamic and fast growing 12-person AI startup. Our headquarters are located in the French Alps (Grenoble, France) and most of the team is actually working remotely from all around the world. We are a 100% independent self-funded company.

Our team of experts is working hard to make AI more affordable and reliable.

We are proud to be a high-level team of machine learning engineers, NLP practitioners, and DevOps fans. These advanced technical skills are the main reasons why NLP Cloud is able to constantly innovate, integrate new state-of-the-art AI models, while remaining easy to use and reliable.

And of course nothing could be possible without our great support team and technical account management experts!

We hope you will like NLP Cloud as much as we love building it!

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