Noun Chunks / Noun Phrases API, Based on spaCy

What are noun chunks / noun phrases?

Noun chunks is a core feature of Natural Language Processing. They are known as "noun phrases" in linguistics. Basicall they are nouns and all the words that depend on these nouns.

For example, let's say you have the following sentence:

John Doe has been working for the Microsoft company in Seattle since 1999.

Here are the noun chunks from this sentence:

Noun Chunks

Why Use Noun Chunks / Noun Phrases?

Data scientists working on natural language processing are often interested in performing noun chunks extraction in their research activities. They also often need to automatically extract additional information like root text, root dependency, and root head text.

Noun chunks can also be used in real business situations, most of the time as a larger natural language processing pipeline. For example some companies use noun chunks to extract relevant keywords from articles as part of an SEO pipeline.

NLP Cloud's Noun Chunk API

NLP Cloud proposes a noun chunk API that allows you to perform these operations out of the box, based on spaCy and Ginza. Noun chunk extraction is not very resource intensive, so the response time (latency), when performing them from the NLP Cloud API, is very low. You can do it in 15 different languages.

For more details, see our documentation about noun chunk extraction here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a noun chunk / noun phrase?

A noun chunk or noun phrase is a group of words that together function as a noun in a sentence, typically consisting of a noun and its modifiers. These can include articles, adjectives, and additional nouns that provide more detail or specificity to the main noun.

How do noun chunks differ from single nouns?

Noun chunks, or noun phrases, are groups of words that include a noun along with any words that describe or modify it, such as articles, adjectives, or additional nouns, serving as a complete unit of meaning. Single nouns, in contrast, are standalone words that do not include any modifiers or accompanying words.

Can you provide examples of simple and complex noun chunks?

A simple noun chunk would be "the blue car," while a complex noun chunk could be "the very old man with the enormous wings."

How can understanding noun chunks improve writing skills?

Understanding noun chunks can improve writing skills by allowing for more precise and varied sentence structures, thereby enhancing clarity and readability. It enables writers to effectively convey complex ideas without overwhelming the reader with lengthy, confusing sentences.

How do noun chunks differ across various languages?

Noun chunks can differ significantly across various languages due to differences in syntactic structure, with some languages preferring a looser, more flexible arrangement of modifiers and head nouns, while others adhere to strict positional rules. Additionally, the role of grammatical gender, case systems, and article usage in forming noun chunks can vary widely, influencing how these linguistic elements are combined and understood.

What languages does your AI API support for noun chunks extraction?

We support noun chunks extraction in 15 languages

Can I try your noun chunk extraction API for free?

Yes, like all the models on NLP Cloud, the noun chunk extraction API endpoint can be tested for free

How does your AI API handle data privacy and security during the noun chunk extraction process?

NLP Cloud is focused on data privacy by design: we do not log or store the content of the requests you make on our API. NLP Cloud is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.