Grammar and Spelling Correction API, With Generative Models

What are Grammar and Spelling Corrections and Why Use Generative AI?

Grammar correction and spelling correction are about removing mistakes from a piece of text.

It sounds easier than it is as there are several kinds of mistakes. Sometimes it is just about a typo or a misspelled word, but it can also be a deeper sentence structure issue. Thanks to AI, it is now possible to reliably detect errors and propose a perfect correction, in most languages.

LLaMA 3, Yi 34B, Mixtral 8x7B, and ChatDolphin, are advanced alternatives to GPT-4, ChatGPT, and GPT-3.5. These generative AI models can efficiently understand and mimic human language patterns, thus providing more accurate spelling and grammar corrections based on context. Moreover, it can adapt and learn from new data, constantly improving its performance over time.

Spelling and grammar correction

Why Use a Grammar/Spelling Corrector?

Writing content with mistakes is bad for reputation, and it can makes it hard to understand the underlying ideas. Here are a couple of examples where a spelling/grammar corrector is useful:

Content Creation

Marketers, bloggers, and journalists, write a lot of content on a regular basis. It is hard to write fast without making mistakes. In order to keep a high productivity, the best solution is perform a text correction on the content once it's finished, boosting readability and professionalism.


Making mistakes when writing to customers is very bad for the brand. Good news is that it's easy to automatically correct every message before sending it!

Software Development

Aids developers in writing documentation and comments by detecting and correcting typos, ensuring clearer code comprehension and maintenance.

Educational Tools

Assists students in improving their writing skills by providing real-time spelling and grammar corrections in essays and assignments.

NLP Cloud's Grammar and Spelling Correction API

NLP Cloud proposes a grammar and spelling correction API based on advanced generative models like LLaMA 3, ChatDolphin, Yi 34B, Mixtral 8x7B, and more, that gives you the opportunity to perform text correction out of the box. These models are very good alternatives to ChatGPT, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

For more details, see our documentation about grammar and spelling correction with generative models here. For advanced usage, see the text generation API endpoint here. And easily test grammar and spelling correction on our playground.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your AI API improve the accuracy of traditional spelling and grammar corrections tools?

Generative AI improves the accuracy of spelling and grammar corrections by learning from vast datasets of language patterns, enabling it to understand context and make sophisticated corrections. Its continuous learning process allows it to adapt to new language trends and user-specific styles, resulting in increasingly accurate suggestions over time.

Can your AI API understand and correct context-specific grammar and spelling errors?


What languages does your AI API support for spelling and grammar corrections?

We support spelling and grammar correction in 200 languages

Can the AI differentiate and correct homophones and commonly confused words?

Yes, but such advanced nuances will be best handled in common languages like English, French, Spanish...

How fast does the AI API return corrections?

It depends on the size of your text and the AI model you are using. In general the response time is around a couple of seconds.

What types of documents or text formats are supported by your text correction API?

Any text based document can be corrected (plain text, HTML files, markdown files, CSV...)

Can I try your spelling and grammar correction API for free?

Yes, like all the models on NLP Cloud, the spelling and grammar correction API endpoint can be tested for free

How does your AI API handle data privacy and security during the text spelling and grammar correction process?

NLP Cloud is focused on data privacy by design: we do not log or store the content of the requests you make on our API. NLP Cloud is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.