Language Detection API

What is Language Detection?

Language detection is about automatically understanding in which language a text is written. It is also possible to detect several languages if a piece of text contains several languages.

Let's say you have the following block of text:

NLP Cloud is an easy way to leverage Natural Language Processing in production. The API has been released early January 2021. Cette API est à la fois peu onéreuse et très robuste.

As you can see, this text contains 2 languages: English and French. Around 2/3 of the text is in English, and 1/3 is in French.

If we perform language detection on this text, we will get 2 languages, and the proportion of the text in each language. Something like that: english: 0.66 and french: 0.33.

Language detection

Why Use Language Detection?

Language detection is useful in many scenarios. Let's give a couple of examples.

Content Personalization and Localization

In the realm of digital content and e-commerce, understanding the user's language is crucial for personalizing the content, product recommendations, and marketing materials. Language detection enables platforms to automatically present content in the user's native language, improving user experience and engagement. This is particularly important in global platforms which serve a diverse audience. Localization not only covers the translation of text but also adapts cultural nuances, thus enhancing the relevance and appeal of the content.

Customer Support Automation

For businesses operating on a global scale, catering to customer queries in multiple languages can be challenging. Language detection is a key component in automating customer support through chatbots and support ticketing systems. By identifying the language used by the customer, these systems can route the query to a chatbot or a human agent proficient in that language, or use machine translation to automate responses, significantly improving response times and customer satisfaction.

Social Media Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis

Brands and organizations often monitor social media to gauge public sentiment regarding their products, services, or general brand image. Language detection is crucial in these scenarios to accurately identify and analyze mentions across different languages. Once the text's language is identified, it can be properly processed for sentiment analysis, allowing companies to obtain insights into customer sentiment across diverse markets. This can inform marketing strategies, product development, and customer service approaches.

Automated Translation Services

The first step in any automated translation process is identifying the source language. Language detection enables seamless operation of translation services, allowing users to submit text without specifying the language. This is particularly useful in environments where content from multiple languages is being aggregated, such as news aggregation platforms, international forums, or multi-lingual repositories of information. Ensuring accurate identification of the source language significantly improves the quality of the machine-translated output, making information accessible to a global audience.

NLP Cloud's Language Detection API

NLP Cloud proposes a language detection API that gives you the opportunity to perform real-time language detection out of the box, based on Python LangDetect, with excellent performances.

For more details, have a look at the documentation about language detection here.

Testing language detection locally is one thing, but using it reliably in production is another thing. With NLP Cloud you can just do both!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a language detection API?

A language detection API is a software interface that programmatically identifies the language in which a given text is written. It analyzes the input text and returns the language code or name with a confidence score based on linguistic algorithms and data.

Can your API detect multiple languages within the same text?


What are the supported languages or locales for this language detection API?

Our language detectino API supports 55 languages

Can I try the language detection API for free?

Yes, like all the API endpoints on NLP Cloud, the language detection API can be tested for free.

How does your AI API handle data privacy and security during the language detection process?

NLP Cloud is focused on data privacy by design: we do not log or store the content of the requests you make on our API. NLP Cloud is both HIPAA and GDPR compliant.