Customer Reference

LAO integrates automatic support tickets triaging thanks to NLP Cloud

LAO's Needs

LAO (Laboratoire d'Appareillage Occulaire) is a French company designing advanced medical contact lenses. They are expert in contact lenses for people with rare diseases like the Lyell syndrom (see LAO's website).

Support is a central challenge in LAO's business. Most patients need extensive discussions with the LAO team for several reasons:

A person is in charge of receiving all these requests and then transfering them to the right services. Triaging was taking her a lot of time and she could not afford to work on more productive tasks like packaging and sending orders.

LAO's Industry

Not only LAO is in the medical industry, but also is it a manufacturer, which means productivity is a constant concern.

Great efforts have been made improving their contact lenses manufacturing process but, until they started working with NLP Cloud, their support productivity still had room for improvement.

How NLP Cloud Helped LAO Boost Their Support Productivity

LAO thought they could leverage NLP Cloud's classification API endpoint in order to automatically triage their support tickets (NLP Cloud's classification page).

They are now performing classification on every incoming request in order to apply one or several of the following labels to the incoming support request:

They say this helped them decrease support triaging time by 60%. They also say they can now address urgent requests more quickly before the others. They are now thinking about integrating in order to respond to unhappy patients more quickly (see NLP Cloud's sentiment analysis page). They also think about training their own classification Natural Language Processing model, on a dataset dedicated to their contact lens industry, in order to categorize requests even more accurately. If that's the case, they say they will deploy their model on the Natural Language Processing Cloud's infrastructure as they don't have the skills to do this internally.

Opinion on NLP Cloud

So far, LAO has been impressed by the reactivity of the NLP Cloud's support team. They say that it's what made the difference compared to other competitors they assessed. They also say that NLP Cloud's affordable pricing was another key factor that helped convincing them.